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Our silver powder and flakes manufactured using our proprietary technologies are key to many markets, and distinguish themselves through their advanced performance and unsurpassed quality.

We supply

  • Silver powder and flakes for low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC), passive component terminations, hybrid integrated circuits, chip component and ceramic interconnects

  • Customized materials for electrically and thermally conductive adhesive for the microelectronics industries

  • Silver powder and flakes for sprayable inks, EMI/RFI gaskets, and other shielding technologies

  • Silver powder and flakes for the polymer thick film industries (PTF), medical sensors, radio frequency identification (RIFD), membrane touch switches (MTS), and emerging display technologies

  • Silver powder and flakes for the renewable energy and energy storage markets

  • Silver powders for water purification projects

  • Customized materials specifically designed for advancing emerging technologies with our key customers


We manufacture Silver powders via chemical precipitation since the 1950’s, and we currently have more than 100 commercial offerings of precisely controlled amorphous (agglomerated), and easily dispersible spherical Silver powders. Our Silver powders are used in a large variety of applications including polymer thick film inks, membrane touch switches, electrical contacts, die-attach adhesives, photovoltaic metallization inks, passive component terminations, and printed electronics.

Our Silver powders are made to advanced industry standards, and stand out through their advanced performance, unmatched quality, and flexibility to meet ever changing market demands.


Technical Data Sheet

Silver Powder K1-ED

Silver Powder D1


We are a world leading supplier of Silver flakes to the electronics industry with more than 75 commercial offerings of advanced mechanically milled Silver flakes. Our Silver flakes stand out through their exceptional control on ionic purity levels, and physical characteristics such as morphology, aspect ratio, particle size, size distribution, as well as through their specially customized, controlled surface coatings designed to specifically match specific industry needs.

Our Silver flakes are primarily produced through wet mechanical milling processes, and we commercially use both traditional milling techniques (i.e. ball milling), as we well as newer technologies that offer technical advantages to our Silver flakes.


Technical Data Sheet

Silver Flake 90

Silver Flake 120

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