Ames Goldsmith UK are ISO 9000 registered.

All critical process equipment is calibrated to ensure a consistent and very high quality product. The quality system we have ensures our products are made in the same way and to the same quality every time.

Quality does not stop at management procedures, we have significant in house testing facilities to ensure our customers receive products which meet the highest standard.

Our analytical lab employs a number of techniques in the Analysis of raw materials, in-process solutions and products. These include:

 - An ICP; used in the determination of metal concentration detecting to a level of ppb. The use of an ultra sonic nebuliser and cross flow nebuliser give us flexibility on detection limits and materials detected.

 - Sartorius moisture analyser, Hach turbidimeter, AA (atomic Absorbance spectrometer), UV Spectrometer, Autotitrator, A Knorr Alkalimeter and vacuum filter provide a range of tests for numerous chemicals that are of interest to our customers.


 ISO Certificate

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