CEO Bill Hamelin steps aside...read more.


After 33 years, Bill Hamelin has decided to step aside as CEO of Ames Goldsmith
and to reduce his workload. Bill is hoping to spend more time with his Family and
enjoy a less pressured life.
Bill will remain CFO and in addition, he will undertake some special projects for
the Company. We are all pleased to continue to have his expertise around.
Frank Barber will step into Bill’s shoes and become Ames Goldsmith’s CEO. Frank
has varied experience with both the Accounting side of our business and the Sales
and Customer aspects of the Company.
Bill has seen Ames grow from a single product Company with 4 employees
to the present operation employing some 200 people in 4 Plants wordwide.
His contribution to the growth and stability of Ames has been central. On the one
hand it is sad to see this change, but on the other, we are glad to still have him
with us.
Frank has some 15 years experience with Ames and well understands the
Company and its operations. We will all do our best to help him as we continue to
grow and develop. He has all our good wishes.
In a way, this marks a significant change in our path forward, let’s look upon this
as another opportunity for beneficial change as we take a fresh look at where we
are and where we want to go.
Ron Davies
Ames Goldsmith Corp.

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